Meet the Hellenic Biomass Development Company:

The Hellenic Biomass Development Company (ELEAVIOM), with the name for international relations Hellenic Biomass Association (HELLABIOM), is a non-profit association and is the successor and natural continuation of the Hellenic Biomass Company (ELLEVIOM), the longest-standing Greek Association in the field of RES in general and of biomass in particular, as early as 1990.

HELLABIOM is a full member, as a National Association representing our country, of the corresponding  European Bioenergy Association (Bioenergy Europe) .

Purposes and fundamental principles:

The recording, promotion and coordination of scientific research related to the production, marketing, energy (and all kinds of industrial) exploitation, as well as the agricultural applications of biomass
The dissemination and support of the uses of biomass at national level.
The well-intentioned defense and expression of the interests of the Greek biomass / bioenergy sector both in Greece and in the European Union, but also internationally.


The Association seeks to fulfill the above purposes by any legal means and in particular:
1. It directs and plans its action based on the purposes of its establishment and the interests of its members.
2. Carry out all kinds of legal actions, such as letters, representations, submissions of memoranda, petitions, requests, proposals, to the competent bodies and authorities.
3. It provides in every appropriate way its support and support to businesses with an activity related to the exploitation of biomass.
4. Communicates, discusses and cooperates with other Unions, Associations or Organizations that have similar or similar purposes.
5. Organizes or participates with its representatives in scientific conferences.
6. Prepares and publishes a series of scientific studies.
7. Creates Working Groups/Committees with a specific focus and purpose to discuss legislative developments, new technologies and market trends.
8. Participates in European and international programs with the aim of promoting biomass technology and strengthening the interests of the relevant professional sector.
9. In general, uses any appropriate means to achieve the above purposes.

Work groups:

HELLABIOM actively participates in cross-sectoral Working Groups of productive and social partners set up by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and other co-competent Ministries and Public Bodies.
At the same time, HELLABIOM has formed internal Working Groups for its interested members, per thematic branch of sustainable biomass utilization, which are platforms for information, exchange of opinions and formulation of the Association’s positions on the respective topics around which each Working Group deliberates.
The active Working Groups of HELLABIOM Members concern the individual sectors:


Biomass Supply Chains
Circular Bioeconomy